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Little About Us - Nursery

Jip & Janneke Nursery is a Montessori oriented Nursery, which provides to young children from 1 year and a half to four years old, a rich learning environment that enhance discovery, self-learning and autonomy.

It is an Integrated Nursery where a maximum of one-third of the children has hearing loss among other children with normal hearing, which allows the children to have a very enriching experience.

Instruction is given either individually, in small groups, or in a whole group.  The maximum number accepted in the Nursery is 21, under the leadership of 3 teachers, an assistant teacher, and a cook who assists teachers at lunch time and who provides children with nutritious well studied home-like meals.

Work on communication and language is also coordinated between the teachers and the therapists of the Early Intervention Program.  Children are well exposed to three languages, English/French/Arabic, with emphasis on one language of choice for each child.

In the Jip & Janneke Nursery, there is a great focus on the relationship with nature.  Therefore, the Nursery’s garden is an important place to help the children relate to, and learn about nature (snails, ants, birds, worms, plants, seasons, etc.).